14 November 2012

Fall Craft Tree

Take a look at this exciting Fall Craft Tree—a great project for kids at any age! 
What you need:
  1. Old Puzzle Pieces (you can find a new puzzle at the Dollar Store
  2. Brown paper sack (or construction paper)
  3. Paint
  4. Glue

You start off by making the tree trunk by cutting strips of a brown paper bag or brown construction paper.  Here comes the fun part--scrunch the paper up to create texture for the tree. Glue the branches and trunk to the blue piece of paper.

For the leaves, use old puzzle pieces and glue them on the branches.  Feel free to paint the puzzle pieces beforehand if you want a specific color.
Have fun overlapping the pieces to give it more dimensions.

What a perfect Fall Craft for the kids! I found is project on www.IHeartCraftyThings.blogspot.com!  Special thanks to Rachel Nipper for allowing us to share this project!

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