12 February 2013

Closet Crocheters - Famous People Who Crochet

Former Miami Heat Basketball Player Tim Hardaway is known breaking records on the court.  Hardaway held the record for the most assist on the Miami Heat team!  But did you know he also crochets!

Really!! Basketball Legend Tim Hardaway is a “Closet Crocheter!” I just outed him! You may ask—Constance, how do you know that? Well, he told me himself! 

Along with Hardaway, there are others who like to hook in their free time. Here’s a list of unlikely crocheters:

 Eva Longoria- The Mexican-American actress is best known for her role on the show “Desperate Housewives. But while Eva is shooting her movies, she spends time in her trailer crocheting!
Vanna White- Known for her role on Wheel of Fortune, White also authored several books on Crocheting.  She even has her own line of yarn!
George Washington Carver- Known as the inventor of peanut butter, this famous chemist  also spent time crocheting delicate doilies!  
Aretha Franklin- She’s known as the “Queen of Soul”—winning the most Grammys for any female artist. She is a singer, songwriter and a pianist—but also enjoys crocheting. She especially enjoys the more complicated stitches, like the “pineapple and popcorn” stitch!

Constance Jones-  Most people in South Florida know me as the News Lady--I'm a News Anchor/Reporter at WPLG Local 10 News. But when the day is done—I love to crochet! It’s my “yoga” at the end of a stressful day!

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