20 May 2013

The Dangers of Skin Bleaching


You've probably heard of tanning--but what about skin bleaching?? India Arie, known for her songs about embracing the black culture, is now being accused of bleaching her skin… trying to look “lighter” than she is. On her new album cover, she does appear to look several shades lighter.
There have been many celebrities of color accused of bleaching their skin:
Sammy Sosa—Lil Kim—and Nicki Minaj .
But there’s a “deeper issue here”—a dark secret those in “African and Caribbean American communities” know all too well. Barry University African American Studies Professor Evelyn Cartwright explains. She says, “People of lighter skin are treated differently. I see it in the Caribbean. It’s the old culture that Lighter skin is better, economically and in every aspect.”

Health experts say, skin bleaching is not common in most parts of the country—
but here in South Florida—there’s clearly a demand for the products.

In my Local 10 Report, I go UNDERCOVER—and find dozens of illegal bleaching creams. Many of these creams are very dangerous to your health!

You can watch the story on WPLG Local 10 Wednesday at 11pm. 
I will also post a link to the story after it airs!

What are your thoughts about “changing” the color of your skin?

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