31 July 2013

Snap it! Track it!

 If you have an iPhone-- you have to check out this brand new app!
It's called-- "Snap It! Track It!"  The application allows users to snap a picture, flip it and write notes on the back of the snapshot. Just like those old photos kept in shoe boxes or photo albums. That's the "Snap It!" The "Track It!" is the practical part of the app. 
  The app date stamps every snapshot and orders them chronologically in an album. If you're losing weight, snap a photo (you can set the app to remind you to update the album weekly, biweekly, monthly).
 It's automatically date stamped and stored chronologically; write your diet/calories/exercise info on the back of the photos; and over a period of time, you have the before, after and in between. Or, if you're into cooking, snap a picture of every step of your recipe. Toss the recipe box! 
The best part about the app--it only cost 99 cents!
Adrianna Hopkins is the App developer-- "Snap It! Track It!" is just her latest business venture. Hopkins is also a News Anchor/Reporter at WSVN-Fox News Miami, Florida.
Have any app ideas? Contact Adrianna to discuss!

To find out more about the app-- just click here!

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