26 November 2013

Vote for Troy Simmons!!

Constance Jones and Kristi Krueger Voted for Troy Simmons!
My Husband Troy Simmons was selected to participate in the Bombay Artisan Art Basel Competition. Part of the judging including online voting for your favorite artist. Well-- to encourage people to vote I went on a aggressive marketing campaign-- sharing images of friends and colleges to encourage people to vote!
We hope he wins!! We find out the results next week!

Kids Voted for Troy Simmons
Betty Davis WPLG Local 10 Meteorologist voted for Troy Simmons
Carl "Pinc Gator" voted for Troy Simmons
Art Curator and Consultant Rochi Llaneza Voted for Troy Simmons
This Little Dancing Diva voted for Troy! 
Julie Durda from WPLG Local 10 News
Santa even voted for Troy Simmons
Jessica Campbell Voted for Troy Simmons
Vivian Gonzalez from WSVN Voted for Troy
Diana Diaz & Adrianna Hopkins from WSVN Voted for Troy
WFOR-TV Meteorologist Lissette Gonzalez

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