07 April 2014

Alice in Wonderland- Miss P's Birthday Party

My Beautiful God-Daughter!
Looking to throw a wacky wonderland party filled with fun and games? Consider a fabulous Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Party! This enchanted event was filled with magical surprises and tons of goodies for everyone.
How amazing is the Shabby Chic Birthday Cake! The Alice in Wonderland themed cake was decorated with Disney Characters from the original  movie!  
No need to go overboard with the snacks!  The menu included grilled hot dogs, mac "n" cheese and sandwiches.  The fruit and custard was placed in little ice cream cones. And you can't forget the "card deck" rice krispie treats! 
Straws complete the look- they are from The Sunshine Vilager! 
How cute are these-- little “drink me” labels on the Kool Aid Coolers!
So happy for my little God Daughter! She's peeeerfect! 

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