08 May 2014

My Happy Hubby- Why I Wear Lingerie!!

After 6 years of marriage, it's not been easy keeping that sexy spark alive! There's very little support for women who want to keep their mate happy in the bedroom.
That's why I've launched MyHappyHubby.com! Along with offering tastefully & sexy lingerie-- We will provide tips & workshops for women looking to maintain a healthy sex life! 
Here are some of the reasons why I wear lingerie!

1. Lingerie makes you feel sexy. Confidence is the most important part of this whole experience and the key ingredient in feeling beautiful & desirable. 

2. The act of discovery is sexy.The whole point of this adventure is for both you and your partner to have a good time! The fact that you are wearing something "different" and unique  is always exciting! Undressing becomes an adventure!

  3. Sets the mood. Trust me, if you wear something sexy--- it will help to create a “the mood!”  He knows exactly what you want--when you wear something seductive!


 4. Simple can be sexy! Panties are optional. Sometimes just wearing a cute shirt with no panties work! You don't always have to get ALL dressed up to be sexy!

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