16 October 2014

Social Media Week Miami

Media Blogger Talitha Haynes & Constance Jones
Social Media has become one of the most important tools journalist use! If you know anything about me--I am constantly connected to all of my social media accounts. It allows me to find new story ideas, stay connected with my viewers, and create a space to create conversation about news topics. 

However there are a few that feel that these new social media channels have disrupted journalism! It’s hard to master a new technology that is in constant evolution. Last month, I  was honored to be a featured speaker on a panel at Social Media Week Miami. The panel's topic was "Journalism: Reinventing News Coverage with the Rice of Social Media."

Before the conference I participated in  Google Hangout discussing the social media and journalism. Click here to see the conversation! I would love to hear from you. What does this mean for the viewer? How is social media changing the news? 

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