12 June 2015

Truth About Women in Media

Bad news for women in media.  According to a new study by the Women’s Media Center, the status of women in news and entertainment has shown little progress!  The research also revealed a drop in women working in sports broadcasting, with 7% fewer women in the industry. Nationwide, men still dominate “hard news” coverage including evening newscast and politics. When it comes to management teams, they are overwhelming white and male with 92% white and 84 % male.

So what does this all mean?  According to a recently published article in Time Magazine, there are still many challenges women must go through in order to achieve real gender equality.
This might be the case for most newsrooms across the country, but not in South Florida.  Women dominate the mornings, noon and evening newscast at WPLG Local 10 News ABC. 
Our Weather Team is also mainly all female.  Our Chief Meteorologist and our Morning Meteorologists are women.

What are your thoughts on females in media? Do you think the industry has taken steps in diversifying newsrooms?

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