18 June 2020

How do you master a virtual presentation?

Constance Jones Interviews Senator Tim Kaine
How do you master a virtual presentation?  Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many of us have scrambled to conquer Zoom meetings with our colleagues and bosses.  Director of Content at Convene Andrew Littlefield tackled that question in his recent articled entitled Virtual Keynotes: More TV Show Than Presentation." We spoke about the topic in his recent write-up. 

Heres a portion from his article:

Focus on Your Message and Audience
If youre looking for advice on how to look natural in front of a camera, look no further than news anchors and reporters like Constance Jones.

With 16 years of broadcast experiences, Jones knows how to capture the attention of an audience on the other side of a cameras lens. Her advice for virtual presenters boils down to this: have respect for your audience and focus on your message while presenting.

Lots of new reporters are worried about looking good and they end up not sounding authentic, says Jones, who is currently an anchor with Richmond, Virginias ABC affiliate. More than anything, audiences want authenticity.

To read more tips click here to read the full article.  Littlefield offers a wide range of suggestions, to help you tackle that next virtual meeting.   

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