16 May 2012

Shave The Stache

Image From SpencerArt
Written by Talitha Haynes, Guest Blogger
I am 35, single and looking for a man. There is only one problem-- my mustache. For years, my mustache has been a nightmare for me. When I was 25 years old, I decided I had enough of the unwanted hair. So, I walked into a spa and had it waxed off. Of course it was a change for me. I looked like I just got out of jail. You know that clean shaved look.
 Since I was a child-- I have dealing with unwanted facial hair. Nairing, plucking, threading and waxing became a part of my daily routine. Threading--left me bleeding. Waxing-- left me with bumps! 
   I finally decided to try laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is supposed to be a permit removal of hair. I do six treatments, once a month with a cost of $130. It doesn't hurt, just feels like little pinches. We will have to wait to see if this works!

Do you have any hair removal remedies?

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  1. Did it work for you? I have the same exact problem and I am so tired of it!