30 January 2014

Journalists Bundle Up with Huggabeans

Constance Jones Covering the 2007 Ice Storm in OKC

While most of the country battles historic arctic temperatures, news and weather reporters are left shivering in the cold.  It’s all a part of the job!  But when wind chills are below freezing, news crews have to find a way to keep warm! For the past 6 years, I've been lucky to enjoy 80 degree temperatures during South Florida's winters. But it wasn't always that way--here's a clip of my Ice Storm Coverage from KOCO ABC!
Courtney Gousman
When out in the field,  CBS 2 Chicago Reporter Courtney Gousman bundles up with a big coat and Huggabeans
Scott Padgett

If he’s not in the studio, Meteorologist Scott Padgett from KTVT CBS in Dallas wears Huggabeans!

Jamie McGriff

Memphis News Reporter Jamie McGriff rocked this red scarf and hat set—keeping warm and fashionable while delivering the news!
Sean Muserallo

Here’s an image from WYFF-TV News Reporter Sean Muserallo – ready for the Polar Vortex!  The crochet scarf and beanie kept him warm!! 

For those who LOVE these hats-- feel free to check out Huggabeans-- and click on the Huggabeans for Adults LINK!