17 January 2014

Lotus House Donation- Bye Bye Sofas!

Our First Place with our Black Sofas!
Soft, Modern & Beautiful! 
I loved my black leather sofas!  The pair had been a part of the Jones family for a very long time. My parents purchased the sturdy German furniture over 30 years ago.  Here's a photo of my mother, rocking her 80's hairdo while relaxing on the sofa!
Mommy Looking Fab!
 When my parents decided to give me the furniture- I was thrilled! The durable dark leather mixed with contemporary sleek design was perfect! The pieces traveled with me from Texas, to Oklahoma, to it's final resting place in Miami!  After 8 years together, Troy and I decided it was time to say good-bye! 
Instead of selling the furniture, we donated it to a wonderful organization in South Florida called the Lotus House. The group improves the lives of homeless women, youth and children in Florida by providing sanctuary and resources to empower them to improve the quality of their lives. It's a wonderful organization!  
They are an amazing group-- for information on how you can help this organization click here!

Bye Bye Sofa! :)