25 February 2014

Mixed Babies for Sale!

Is this real? Yes it is!
For $3,000- you can have a mixed baby! That's according to a recent online report from Infoboxx.com.  Reporter Stephen Kwabena Effah says in Ghana, they are a hot commodity and now there is a company that will help you have a biracial baby.  Half Caste Babes is a new fertility company that encourages Black African couples to have a mixed baby by using white donor sperm!  Thanks to modern science, a person can have a mixed-race baby without having sex with a person from another race!
 According to the company's website - the mission of Half-Caste Babes is “to bridge the racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world by promoting mixed race reproduction and developing these children for a new Africa.”
Unfortunately, in Africa (and in many other places around the world) one's status is typically determined by one's skin tone. The Half-Caste babies entrepreneur prides himself on giving women and couples half-caste babies with “mental and physical beauty."  
Special thanks to fellow journalist- Stephen Kwabena Effah for exposing this company. Read more on his investigation by clicking here!  What are your thoughts about this issue?


  1. Beautiful babies! But it's awfully demeaning to think that a person of any race or color is considered superior or inferior in mental or physical ability/beauty. They should just advertise as "beautiful babies!!"

  2. To each his own, it's saddening when you think about WHY they want "mixed" children...BUT whether you like it or not skin tone does determine "status" in many regions of the world. I just think that's so interesting to know they are marketing it this way....WOW!

  3. Nothing surprises me after being in the news biz!!!

  4. Constance, I have two children - both mixed race: half Russian and half Guyanese. But it was not a deliberate attempt to factory-produce them. Therein lies my contention. A deliberate attempt to do this makes me want to question the mental status of some people or organization. If we have to change the color of our skin to identify, we are dealing with neurotics who would stop at nothing for the mighty dollar. CHANGE YOUR FRAME OF MIND, and get the world to understand that Black is beautiful and healthy and smart and perspicacious and businesslike and motivational. If we persist in engaging in such gross social anomaly, we are perpetrating racial inferiority. It is a slave mentality to think that Black has to mix with white in order to be better. Come to your senses, people. Identify with your racial identity - but without racist tendency. Boost your self-esteem, and not your ego. The modesty will take you farther than thinking Black-White. See the dimension of the soul and cherish the spiritual fragrance. That would elevate you to heights greater than the Black-White Syndrome. Think human!