25 February 2014

Mixed Babies for Sale!

Is this real? Yes it is!
For $3,000- you can have a mixed baby! That's according to a recent online report from Infoboxx.com.  Reporter Stephen Kwabena Effah says in Ghana, they are a hot commodity and now there is a company that will help you have a biracial baby.  Half Caste Babes is a new fertility company that encourages Black African couples to have a mixed baby by using white donor sperm!  Thanks to modern science, a person can have a mixed-race baby without having sex with a person from another race!
 According to the company's website - the mission of Half-Caste Babes is “to bridge the racial gap between Africa and the rest of the world by promoting mixed race reproduction and developing these children for a new Africa.”
Unfortunately, in Africa (and in many other places around the world) one's status is typically determined by one's skin tone. The Half-Caste babies entrepreneur prides himself on giving women and couples half-caste babies with “mental and physical beauty."  
Special thanks to fellow journalist- Stephen Kwabena Effah for exposing this company. Read more on his investigation by clicking here!  What are your thoughts about this issue?