02 February 2014

Who is the Cheerios Girl?

Grace Colbert-- the adorable 6 year old actress from the Cheerios' controversial ad will make a major splash yet again! Cheerios is bringing her back for the first ever Super Bowl ad featuring an interracial family!
Cheerios released the commercial a few days early! Check it out here!

According to CBS News, the brand had considered several other spots for its Super Bowl commercial, but the performance by the little girl in the ad “was so strong, and that was really why we chose it," she added. Cheerios is already gathering tons of buzz with over 2 million hits already on youtube!

As for little Gracie- I did a little bit of research and found out she already has a few brothers!  Check out these pictures I found on her Facebook Page!
Gracie & Her Brothers

Adorable Mixed Family

Ready for School!
Love this!
Little Dancer