27 June 2014

Worth the Hype? Beyoncé & Jay-Z ‘On the Run’ Tour in Miami

Beyoncé and Jay Z kicked off their “On the Run” tour at Sun Life Stadium in Miami last Wednesday Night! It was the first time the King and Queen of Hip Hop headlined a concert together! For almost 3 hours, the two traded the stage and performed a total of 42 songs!  
It was grandiose and satisfying for concert goers-- complete with fire spewing from the stage, backup dancers gyrating at excessive speeds, triumphant vocals, and amazing wardrobe changes by Queen B.
 The visual presentation was mesmerizing- truly a tantalizing spectacle!  The show was filled with video clips of the couple's real life juxtaposed with the story of Bonnie and Clyde. The show ended  with the couple revealing precious home videos of their courtship, wedding and the birth of Baby Blue Ivy.
 The couple has kept their relationship very private! However, during the concert they proudly shared their love for one another on stage. There are those who feel the relationship is artificial, simply a business arrangement for financial gain. Those rumors spiraled out of control after the dramatic Solange elevator incident. 
HOWEVER-- it does not take away from the spirited performance of the night- felt from both Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Overall, the concert was well received by concert goers! Fans were not disappointed!

Check out my Concert Look-- Channeling my inner Beyoncé with my wig! 

Constance Jones-- AKA Sasha Fierce

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