25 August 2014

Wearing Cruciani For Children: Fashion With A Purpose!

Miami Children's Hospital Cruciani Bracelets
What's better than fashion with a purpose! This limited edition bracelet featuring the Miami Children's Hospital (MCH) logo was created by world-renowned Italian fashion brand--Cruciani!  They recently partnered with MCH to create this unique fundraising initiative! Cruciani made a historical contribution to MCH Foundation--by donating more than 600,000 lace bracelets--which are available online! 100% of the proceeds benefit the Together For The Children campaign By wearing this bracelet, you share the mission for healthy, happy children everywhere! So, I rocked mine on-air! Take a look!
Who says Orange and Red doesn't match!

Leather and Orange-- ALWAYS a good combo!
You may be asking yourself-- What Is Cruciani Bracelets? These Italian macrame (the same knotting technique used to make friendship bracelets) lace bracelets exploded in popularity in August 2011! Tons of celebrities have worn them-- as you can see below!
Beyonce, Heidi Klum and Rita Ora all wear Cruciani
  Please be sure to check out the website-- and support CHILDREN!

Join the movement by making a $15 donation and you’ll receive a bracelet of your choice, available in 10 different colors. 

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