29 February 2012

Jessi Leonard's Breathless Images

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Her photographs are timeless, effortlessly capturing breathless moments. Images which clearly show a beautiful narrative of life. Jessi Leonard snaps these delicate frames as a family photographer in South Florida.  Along with running a successful photography business, she edits news stories at the ABC News station in Miami. When she’s not at work, this mother of two enjoys spending time with her family.
It was 4 years ago, when I first meet Jessi at my television job.  She was the VERY FIRST photographer to take pictures of my creations from www.Huggabeans.com! Her adorable daughter was the model for my hats! I am forever thankful to her for helping me launch my online shop.
Recently, she snapped a few images of my newborn photography props! Thanks Jessi for your amazing work.  You can find more of her images on www.jessileonard.com or her blog at www.jessileonardblog.com!

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