21 February 2012

My Crafty Sister! Lela--the Tutu Maker!

Is there anything she can’t do? Really?

She’s a mom, nurse, student, and the Creative Designer behind WiggleGiggles Tutus. Lela Shaw has somehow “magically” found time balance several jobs, classes and her growing family.  A year ago, Lela decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own online shop.

She told TradeProps.com, “I wanted to get into some type of craft and challenge myself. I literally taught myself on how to make everything. I am currently teaching myself on new styles to provide more products for my clients!”

Her craft room is filled with bright array tulle and ribbon, the perfect place for creating her cute little tutus.  But when she’s not designing, she’s balancing dozens of other activities. Lela actually starts her day in the middle of the night, working the graveyard shift as a nurse. After 12 hours on the job, she spends quality time with her son, before starting on her orders. After a power nap, she hits the books. She’s currently taking classes to advance her nursing skills.

After selling over 300 tutus, Lela says the key to running a successful shop is keeping a strict schedule. She told TradeProps.com, “You need to be disciplined! I had to learn good time management skills. With having so many other obligations, it’s important to schedule your priorities.”
You can find her fabulous creations at www.TradeProps.com/WiggleGiggles!

Here are some more of her great items!

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