16 March 2012

Mixed Chicks Hair

Au naturel
As most of you may know- I’m a mixed chick. My mom is white and my dad is black.  It was a struggle growing up. My mom didn’t know what to do with my hair.  Often times, she put it in braids.  
 If I wore it curly, my hair would poof up!

Me & Mommy

 For years, I’ve traveled from store to store, trying to find the best product for my locks.  Recently, I was given samples of the “Mixed Chicks” hair products.
 It is a simple three step treatment for those with curly hair: shampoo, conditioner and leave-in-conditioner.

So—I decided to give it a try.

This is how you likely see me on television—hair pressed out and straight.

I started with the shampoo. As you can see—it works up a good lather.  

Next step-  the deep conditioner.  It felt a little oily but it seemed to moisturize my curls.
After I rinsed out my hair, I put in the leave-in-conditioner.

 So here is the end result.  It defined some of my curls but not all. :(  After over a decade of pressing my hair for television, some of my curls have soften. However, I was hoping the product would shape my curls a little bit better.

Needless to say—I would give this product two thumbs up!  My hair was moisturized- something my locks needed!
You can find the "Mixed Chicks" products at http://www.mixedchicks.net/