25 March 2012

Where did the name "Huggabeans" come from?

When I decided to launch my online baby beanie and newborn photography prop shop,  I spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect name.  
After much deliberation, I decided to use a name that was very dear to me as a child- Huggabeans. 

I don’t have any children (yet)-but I did have a baby doll! 
Her name was Huggy-Beans!  It was Christmas day 1988- when I recieved my doll. I loved her so much! But instead of calling her Huggy-Beans—I pronounce her name “HuggaBeans!”  

Sad to say, a few years ago some horrible thieves stole my precious doll!
I did a little bit of research and found out she was the FIRST mass-produced Black character doll ever made in the United States. She could sell in auction for up to $200! Can you believe that!

So—if you happen to see a Huggy-Beans doll on E-Bay or a Flea Market—Let me know!!


  1. Such a sweet post.... I'll be on the look out for you :-)

  2. the hats you make are so adorable!! love them!

  3. Hi there! I actually have a Huggy Bean doll that we are trying to sell - the same as in your pictures. She is not in mint condition, but her face, hair, and body are in excellent shape. She has all her clothes -- her overalls are a bit worse for wear but otherwise all is is good shape.

    Anyway, I just happened upon your post and wanted to let you know. If you are interested in photos, feel free to email me :) We could make arrangements through PayPal or something! jamila . benkato at gmail.com

    Have a nice day!