07 March 2012

Bargain Hunting Mama

My Thrifty Mama & Me! :)

With her beautiful blue eyes and honey blonde hair, my mother knows how to “work a room.”  She is always dressed in the most stylish outfits rocking the hippest accessories.  The secret behind her wardrobe—NEVER PAY FULL PRICE.
She was born in a community of conservative spenders, living in post War World II Germany. Everyone had to find ways to save what little they had to survive.  It was during those hard times, when my mother learned the importance of finding a good bargain. 
Just last week, my thrifty mama purchased a pair of Fila Fit Performance Shoes for only $5.99! The footwear normally sells for $79.99!

Mama and her new shoes!
So how does she do it?

1.       Comparison Shop- Once you find what you are looking for, locate other stores which carry the same product.  Always look for the lowest possible price.

2.       Wait for the Sale- 9 times out of 10—the item you want WILL go on sale.  So, just wait until the item is marked down.  It may take a few weeks—but it’s worth it for the cheaper price.

3.       Shop Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls and Burlington- These stores offer 50%-75% off retail prices. Why shop at a department store—when you can get an enormous discount.

4.       Combine Deals- Use multiple coupons during sale events to get the lowest possible price.
Can you believe it-- she saved $74!!

Cute walking shoes!