24 January 2013

Natural Curly Hair for TV?

Earlier this month, I saw ABC World News Now Anchor Sunny Hostin wearing her hair curly. She looked amazing!  It’s definitely not a look you typically see on television—especially network news!  Hostin is a fellow mixed chick with a Puerto Rican mother and an African American father!   
  For decades, curly haired women have consistently been told that straightening hair is a good move for their careers.  
I’ve been told that my curly hair can look unkept or unprofessional.  So, instead of wearing my hair natural—I press it out straight!
Curly Constance
Weekend Curls

TV Constance
 Which leads me to the question…. What’s wrong with curly/natural hair on television? Why don’t we see more women like Sunny wearing their hair natural?
 Of course, hair is a very touchy subject in the black community!  Rhonda Lee, a Louisiana meteorologist was recently fired for defending her natural hair to a viewer! Read more here. 
Rhonda Lee
As for me, I love my curly hair-- but with this South Florida humidity it only takes two minutes for my curls to frizz up.  Instead of looking like a broadcaster, I turn into Diana Ross!

 What do you think about curly hair on TV?