01 January 2013

Pumpkin Soup on New Year's Day!! :)

Are you hoping that 2013 will be a great year? Try some of these foods that are believed to bring good luck!  In Mexico, they eat 12 grapes, making a wish with each one.  In the southern United States, they eat black eye peas.  The peas expand when you cook them-- symbolizing growth and fortune in the New Year!

There's also a traditional dish that is sure to make you lucky in the New Year-- Soup Joumou--Haitian Pumpkin Soup! It's so yummy! The soup was once forbidden to slaves-- so in honor of their independence they eat the soup on January 1st! The soup is made and served to friends in family in remembrance of their fight for free!

I am so blessed to have friends to share this yummy soup with me! So instead of grapes or black eye peas-- it's Pumpkin Soup for me!

Do you eat any special food for New Years???

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