20 March 2014

3 Tips for Getting More Likes on Facebook

It's a question many of us have asked-- How do you get more likes or fans of facebook? Here are a few tricks that I used to grow my Huggabeans Fan Page!


1. Earn Your Likes- People need a reason to come back to your page. Offer as much value as possible for people who actually "like" you or your product!  You can be funny, inspiration, or interesting. Also- use eye-catching images!! 
 2. Ask and You Shall Receive! You might be surprised how many people will actually like your post--if you just ask! :) The same with facebook pages! Just ask your friends to like a page--and they probably will! Facebook has a great feature that allows you to personally invite your friends to like your page! Use it! 

3. Keep It Short! PostS that are less than 100 characters--tend to get 60% more likes than longer post.

Do you have any tips for more Likes on Facebook?