27 March 2014

Is Nick Cannon’s White Face Offensive??

Nick Cannon in White Face?
Is Nick Cannon’s White Face Offensive?? YES! YES! YES! 
Nick Cannon decided to put on "white face" to shamelessly promote his new album, White People Party Music. He posted photos and videos of himself-- dressed up like a white guy - with a flannel shirt and blonde hair!
So, obviously it alludes to the years of racism when Black People were discriminated against in American History. 
 Wearing "black face" evokes old racist images and stereotypes.   
I know he's trying to be funny-but it still brings back those painful memories! 
BUT--Cannon is NOT the first comedian to use "white face"-- Eddie Murphy did in "White Like Me"-- on Saturday Night Live.
Eddie Murphy in White Face
  (SIGH.) I know many people may argue with me and say-- Slavery has been over with for 100 years--why be upset about this? Unfortunately--for me and my mixed heritage, these issues of racism are still very real.  My parents went through countless years of discrimination, bigotry and hatred -just because of their love for one another. They still do! 
 So for me--playing with issues of race-- is NOT FUNNY.
What are your thoughts?