18 March 2015

4 Tips to Making Money With Your Hobby

Are you ready to make some extra money?  What your hobby is will help decide how you can start to generate money. Here are a few ways to turn your passion into cash: 

 1. Teach others how to participate in your hobby
This is a great way to make money with your hobby when it does not produce a tangible product. An example of this would be teaching piano lessons if piano playing is your hobby. You can offer frequent lessons on a weekly or monthly basis, or you might prefer more occasional and more in-depth options like workshops. The Eastern Regional Institute for Education created the guide "How to Conduct a Workshop." Though focused on teacher workshops, its advice can be applicable to workshops for any industry
2. Go green with your hobby
Everyone is eco-friendly these days! I have an entire line of hats that are made with "organic cotton!"  As we are all starting to think of ways to live our lives in a more Earth-friendly way, why not help others who enjoy your hobby learn ways to go green with their passions? 

3. Sell your products online or at Craft Shows
If you enjoy making art, crafts or any other tangible good, then why not sell your products online. There are tops of shops you can sell your handmade product. Consider BigCartel.com, Etsy.com, & Shopify.com

4. Blog about your hobby
Hence, "TheCraftyReporter.com"-- it's a great way to promote yourself! Once you set up your blog, you can sell advertising as well.  Check out Google's AdSense program!

Here are some ideas to make money with your hobbies:

Teach a class (check out the local craft store)
 Sell your crafts online
    Sell your work in a gallery
    Design pieces on commission
    Design and submit projects for publication in books and magazines
    Enter your work in contests with cash prizes

    Sell stock photos online. 
        Sell your photos to magazines
    Do wedding and event photography/videography
    Teach photography/videography classes
    Turn your images into cards, and sell them

   Sports & Fitness
Become an Umpire/referee or a coach
    Become a personal trainer
    Become a fishing guide, hiking guide or river guide
    Teach others your sport

    Give private lessons
    Perform at events

    Teach cooking classes
    Sell your foods at farmer's markets and craft shows
    Offer yourself as a personal chef

    Hire yourself out as a gardener/ landscaper
    Sell the extra fruits and vegetables from your harvest

    Sell articles online or to magazines
    Enter writing contests with cash prizes
    Apply for a writing stipend
    Write advertising copy for local businesses
    Produce and sell an e-book

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