23 March 2015

Thankful For Negative Words

In life, you will receive criticism. That's definitely the case for me, the good, the bad and the ugly! With over 2 million viewers in South Florida, everyone has an opinion. From advice on fashion to my lipstick color, social media opens the door for people to share their daily critiques on my performance and appearance.
I remember my very first TV job at KETK News in Tyler, Texas. I was a weekend anchor for the early morning show.  In the "Letters to the Editor" section of the Tyler Morning Telegraph a viewer wrote a nasty review on my performance, my pink blazers and my big pearl necklaces. 
My First TV Job/ Anchor at KETK News in Tyler, Texas
I felt completely humiliated! The viewer made comments about my "frizzy" hair, my heavy make-up and my "girly" voice. Little did that person know, it had the reverse effect. My weekend morning show went up in viewership after that scathing review.  Within 3 months, I jumped to an even bigger market with a fat paycheck. Cha-Ching! I never had a chance to say thank you to the writer--he helped launch my career!

You will never learn those tough lessons, if you are always liked and comfortable all the time. When I reflect back on my career, I am thankful for that horrible article.
Here are some things I ask myself when dealing with a negative situation.

1. What is the one thing I can learn from this? I learned, no matter how nice you are to people, you will always have haters!

2. What is the one positive thing from this situation? As soon as the article was published, more people started watching my show!  And before long, the job offers started rolling in!  It was amazing how quickly God turned a bad situation into a good one! 

3. Will this comment or situation even matter in 2 weeks, 2 months, 2 years? At the time, I was so overwhelmed with the situation. But now, 10 years later, I'm sitting pretty in Miami. It totally doesn't matter.

Can you remember a time, where you turned a negative situation into a positive?  


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