29 February 2012

Jessi Leonard's Breathless Images

Organic Cotton Beanie $9 at http://www.huggabeans.com/
Her photographs are timeless, effortlessly capturing breathless moments. Images which clearly show a beautiful narrative of life. Jessi Leonard snaps these delicate frames as a family photographer in South Florida.  Along with running a successful photography business, she edits news stories at the ABC News station in Miami. When she’s not at work, this mother of two enjoys spending time with her family.
It was 4 years ago, when I first meet Jessi at my television job.  She was the VERY FIRST photographer to take pictures of my creations from www.Huggabeans.com! Her adorable daughter was the model for my hats! I am forever thankful to her for helping me launch my online shop.
Recently, she snapped a few images of my newborn photography props! Thanks Jessi for your amazing work.  You can find more of her images on www.jessileonard.com or her blog at www.jessileonardblog.com!

Pink Newborn Bear $8 on http://www.huggabeans.com/
28 February 2012

Indie Craft Bazaar "Sew in Love"

Skip the mall and support handmade! That’s my motto!
This weekend-- I was in “Handmade Paradise”—surrounded by dozens of vendors at the Indie Craft Bazaar- “Sew in Love.” The event was held in the concert venue- Revolution Live in downtown Fort Lauderdale!
To say the least—I was overwhelmed by the number of crafters in our area! So many unique treasures at every corner! 
One of the favorite vendors was Migdalia Pace with www.Recyclemybag.com.  Midgalia recycles clothes and reclaimed fabrics into hot chic bags! Each bag has one of her signature fashion drawings printed directly on the fabric!  It’s truly amazing and unique work!
Special thanks to Amanda Weiner for the awesome show! J  
 Find out more about indie craft event’s in South Florida by checking out www.getupandcraft.com!
Take a look at this quick video--from the show!

Migdalia with www.Recyclemybag.com.

Dozens of Crafters

Great Venue at Revolution Live

27 February 2012

Antique Shopping in South Florida

It’s a kind of therapy for me—walking into shops filled with treasures from the past. Old postcards, vintage flapper hats, and rare jewelry! Antiquing is such a fun past time. It reminds me of my days living in East Texas—where antique shopping is a thriving sport! J Every weekend, shoppers wake up before the sun rises in Canton-- where hundreds of vendors set up shop for the country’s largest antique show. It’s like strolling through a museum- the stories behind each item are unbelievable!
Lucky for me, I ran across an Antique Show in Hallandale Beach, Florida this weekend. There was plenty of eye candy! Take a look at these unique finds!
Where’s your favorite spot to hunt for antiques?

Vintage Hand Made Genuine Brown Fox Fur

 Billy Ocean Cassettes

Antique Curling Iron from the 1900's

"Ningyo" Wooden Japanese Toys
26 February 2012

What to Serve at a Baby Shower?

Next weekend, I’m traveling to Houston for my friend’s baby shower! Since I am the Godmother, planning the event rest on my shoulders. Thankfully, I have a fantastic group of friends who are helping - but there is still one major detail that needs to be worked out—THE FOOD!

I’m drawing my inspiration from a recent shower I attended a few weeks ago!  Fellow broadcaster and television personality Lisa Lee is having a baby boy! The spread was unbelievable! Take a look! J

What suggestions do you have—for a baby shower menu?

Danielle Knox, Lisa Lee and Me (Constance Simmons)

Fruit, Cheese, Sandwiches, and Empanadas

Look at this cake! Red Velvet! :)

Homemade Peanut Brittle

24 February 2012

Burger Recipe from the South Beach Wine & Food Festival

Every year, the Food Network’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival comes to town, unloading an excessive array of tropical culinary cuisine.  Paula Deen, Rachel Ray, Emeril Lagasse are just a few of the celebrity chefs who will showcase their talents at this year’s festival. Today, I had a chance to interview Chef Andrew Balick from the Ritz Carlton South Beach. He’ll be serving his famous Lamb Slider at this year’s Burger Bash! It’s $300 a ticket. So, if you don’t have the cash to attend, you can make it yourself.

Thanks to Chef Balick for sharing the recipe!   

Lamb Sliders


100% ground lamb seasoned



mini onion buns

parmesan cheese

whipped feta cheese

Greek yogurt

olive oil

baby spinach

Season meat with salt and cumin. Make lamb patties and grill. Lightly toast the mini onion buns and sprinkle parmesan cheese on the buns. Mix feta cheese, Greek yogurt and olive oil together and spread on buns.  Add baby spinach to buns and serve!
23 February 2012

Indie Weekend!

Feeling Crafty this weekend! There are two awesome indie craft shows you should check out—if you are in the South Florida Area! Both shows will have over 50 vendors with original artwork, recycled goods, vintage clothing, and handmade crafts and jewelry.

Indie Craft Bazaar: Fort Lauderdale
Sunday, Feb 26th 2012
12 noon- 5pm
$5 Entry &  FREE Parking* (* $3 refunds for parking given at door with proof of ticket.)

Revolution Live
100 SW 3rd Ave.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Downtown Open Market :: Boynton Beach Sunday, Feb 26th 2012
**FREE admission & FREE parking!*

Boynton Beach Civic Center
128 E. Ocean Avenue
Boynton Beach, Florida 33435
22 February 2012

Time Saving Tips for the Working Woman

Everyday feels like a roller-coaster ride. The twist and turns of life, mixed with the constant speed of business can be difficult to handle.  It’s a thrilling adventure that can turn you into a successful business person if you follow a few simple steps. I spoke with Newborn Photographer Aimee Fuller, who offered a few words of advice for handling this balancing act between family and business.

1.      What’s a normal day for you?  I hit the ground running every morning. I start my day with a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper! My kids are top priority in my life so I wake up and get them all dressed and ready for their days. After I get my oldest two off to school I come back to the office and I look over my schedule and plan out my day/week in my head. I check my emails, monitor my Facebook Fan page and reply back in the morning to all messages. I return phone calls and inquiries that need to be returned.   I edit, I do sessions, I am business woman.  Most of my day is spent working and juggling my family.  I do have help with the kids during sessions (Thanks Dad!!), which is great! My husband is also very supportive and has a degree in Finance so he’s my “business manager” and does a lot of work for me behind the scenes keeping the business/business aspect of things going strong.  Some days I’m not sure how I did everything I do in one day being one person, but somehow I get it done!

2.      Any advice for someone starting out? Decide early on what you want to specialize in.  I started off taking any photography client that came my way.  I knew in my mind that I always wanted to be a “baby photographer”, but I also knew I had to build my business up first so I would take anyone that called me. I wasn’t being true to myself or my passion.  I have molded my business into being known in my area as a baby photographer over time, but I should have stayed more true to myself in the beginning and kept my work primarily maternity, newborns and babies.  That isn’t an issue for me now because my clients  now that I don’t take babies over the age of 2.  I do still get calls for weddings (cringe!), seniors and older children and I just refer them to other local area photographers that I support and follow.  My advice? Stay true to you and be firm in your passion because you won’t regret it further down the road!

3.      What have you learned most about operating your own business? I’m still learning something new every day about my business, but the #1 thing I learned last year was to take two days off for myself and my family. I was working 7 days a week in 2011 (crazy, right?) and I was really getting burned out.  I found myself grocery shopping at midnight during the week and staying up until 3 and 4 in the morning editing.   I quickly decided that 2012 would be different and I changed my office hours. It’s been great! 

Find more of Aimee Fuller’s work at www.aimeefullerphotography.com!
21 February 2012

Orange Surprise!

With Springtime right around the corner, it's time for some fresh new designs!

This cute little Orange Newborn Beanie is made with 100% organic cotton!
On sale for only $7 at www.Huggabeans.com!   

Below is a Red Homespun Beanie, super soft with a delicate brown bow! Also on sale at www.Huggabans.com.


These pictures are soo adorable! The master behind the lenses is Nicki Kristof!
I’ve been working with this Award-Winning South Floria Family Photographer for over three years! She is truly an expert when it comes to capturing the true essence of family! 

Always creative in her session, selecting the best locations and using the most unique props!

You can find more of her work at www.NickiKristof.com!  

My Crafty Sister! Lela--the Tutu Maker!

Is there anything she can’t do? Really?

She’s a mom, nurse, student, and the Creative Designer behind WiggleGiggles Tutus. Lela Shaw has somehow “magically” found time balance several jobs, classes and her growing family.  A year ago, Lela decided to take a leap of faith and launch her own online shop.

She told TradeProps.com, “I wanted to get into some type of craft and challenge myself. I literally taught myself on how to make everything. I am currently teaching myself on new styles to provide more products for my clients!”

Her craft room is filled with bright array tulle and ribbon, the perfect place for creating her cute little tutus.  But when she’s not designing, she’s balancing dozens of other activities. Lela actually starts her day in the middle of the night, working the graveyard shift as a nurse. After 12 hours on the job, she spends quality time with her son, before starting on her orders. After a power nap, she hits the books. She’s currently taking classes to advance her nursing skills.

After selling over 300 tutus, Lela says the key to running a successful shop is keeping a strict schedule. She told TradeProps.com, “You need to be disciplined! I had to learn good time management skills. With having so many other obligations, it’s important to schedule your priorities.”
You can find her fabulous creations at www.TradeProps.com/WiggleGiggles!

Here are some more of her great items!

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