27 March 2014

Is Nick Cannon’s White Face Offensive??

Nick Cannon in White Face?
Is Nick Cannon’s White Face Offensive?? YES! YES! YES! 
Nick Cannon decided to put on "white face" to shamelessly promote his new album, White People Party Music. He posted photos and videos of himself-- dressed up like a white guy - with a flannel shirt and blonde hair!
So, obviously it alludes to the years of racism when Black People were discriminated against in American History. 
 Wearing "black face" evokes old racist images and stereotypes.   
I know he's trying to be funny-but it still brings back those painful memories! 
BUT--Cannon is NOT the first comedian to use "white face"-- Eddie Murphy did in "White Like Me"-- on Saturday Night Live.
Eddie Murphy in White Face
  (SIGH.) I know many people may argue with me and say-- Slavery has been over with for 100 years--why be upset about this? Unfortunately--for me and my mixed heritage, these issues of racism are still very real.  My parents went through countless years of discrimination, bigotry and hatred -just because of their love for one another. They still do! 
 So for me--playing with issues of race-- is NOT FUNNY.
What are your thoughts?

24 March 2014

Constance Jones-- The Fastest Crocheter in the World?

It's on my bucket list- to become the "Guinness Book of World Records' Fastest Crocheter!" It’s currently held by Lisa Gentry who crocheted 5,113 stitches in 30 minutes in 2005. That's about 25 stitches a minute!! So could I break the record? 
 This weekend, I put my crocheting skills to the test at the WPLG Local 10 Live Well Expo at Broward Mall in Fort Lauderdale. News Anchor Neki Mohan was the official time keeper as I tried to break the world record.
 My goal was to finish 25 stitches in a minute. Could I do it???
 AWEEEEE-- I was 3 stitches off!!! Oh well. I gotta keep training!
Watch out Lisa-- I'm coming for your title!  
20 March 2014

3 Tips for Getting More Likes on Facebook

It's a question many of us have asked-- How do you get more likes or fans of facebook? Here are a few tricks that I used to grow my Huggabeans Fan Page!


1. Earn Your Likes- People need a reason to come back to your page. Offer as much value as possible for people who actually "like" you or your product!  You can be funny, inspiration, or interesting. Also- use eye-catching images!! 
 2. Ask and You Shall Receive! You might be surprised how many people will actually like your post--if you just ask! :) The same with facebook pages! Just ask your friends to like a page--and they probably will! Facebook has a great feature that allows you to personally invite your friends to like your page! Use it! 

3. Keep It Short! PostS that are less than 100 characters--tend to get 60% more likes than longer post.

Do you have any tips for more Likes on Facebook?
18 March 2014

Curly or straight? Women Changing The Idea of Perfect Hair!

Curly Constance
Yup-- that's me. A younger, curly Constance- before I entered into the world of TV News Broadcasting! Most of my News Directors wanted me to wear my hair straight... hence the TV Anchor Look!
Constance Jones, WPLG Local 10 Headshot
Having a great hair style is not only time consuming but often hard on your hair! Most women (LIKE ME) have to deal with using damaging straightening tools and harsh treatments-- to change their look for work. When working in the field, you could ALWAYS catch me straightening my hair in the news trucks.
Getting Ready for TV
But now--it appears more women are embracing their curls. This week, WPLG Local 10 News Anchor Neki Mohan from Miami went natural for her story to illustrate the issues professional women have in the workplace. Click here to check out this great story!
What are your thoughts-- should you wear your hair curly or straight for work???

10 March 2014

7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Company

Having an amazing name is very important if you are starting a new company. But--a good name is NOT GOOD unless you can connect it with a great domain name for your website.
When I decided to launch my online baby beanie and newborn photography prop shop,  I spent weeks trying to come up with the perfect name.  After much deliberation, I decided to use a name that was very dear to me as a child- Huggabeans.  I don’t have any children (yet)-but I did have a baby doll! 
Her name was Huggy-Bean! But instead of calling her HuggyBean—I pronounce her name “HuggaBeans!”   
 Here are some simple tips to help you find the best name for you!  
1.Think about related words in your industry. Search the thesaurus and dictionary!
2. Search for the domain names before you decide on a name
3. Exam the competition. What types of names do your competitors have?
4. Think beyond the norm! Try to be creative when thinking of a catchy name.
5. Think about your target customer. What would entice them?
6. Get Input- Ask your family and friends for possible feedback. 

7. Translate to German, Spanish or any other language. It might surprise you!

Do you have any suggestions-- to picking the perfect name for your company.  
Please-- share your comments and share the post! Thanks so much!-Love Constance Jones
Constance Jones

05 March 2014

Fun Free Crochet Patterns

Spring is almost here!! So-- I've been on the hunt for the cutest spring crochet patterns! Take a look at these FREE crochet items! I can't wait to make them all!
I am officially obsessed with this beautiful scarf/necklace! And it looks super easy to make! Can't wait to model this one! Click here for details!


These little flowers are perfect for any outfit! I love to put these in my hair! 
Click here for the instructions!
How cute is this 3 scalloped layers of ruffles bib! I love it! It's suppose to only take 1 hours to make! Click here for details!  
02 March 2014

Art Gallery Wedding

Looking for a wedding location that will totally WOW your guests? Why not consider an art gallery. This weekend, my husband and I were amazed to see the transformation of the Bakehouse Artist Complex.Surrounded by modern art, the gallery was turned into an elegant reception hall.

 The wedding ceremony took place outside. Each chair was decorated with delicate baby's-breaths.
  It was simple and beautiful.
The Bakehouse Artist Complex was a bakery in the 1930's. It was abandoned, then reclaimed by the artists in the Wynwood Art District in Miami. The building is truly a reflection of the beautiful urban landscape which symbolizes the essence of downtown Miami.