31 July 2013

Snap it! Track it!

 If you have an iPhone-- you have to check out this brand new app!
It's called-- "Snap It! Track It!"  The application allows users to snap a picture, flip it and write notes on the back of the snapshot. Just like those old photos kept in shoe boxes or photo albums. That's the "Snap It!" The "Track It!" is the practical part of the app. 
  The app date stamps every snapshot and orders them chronologically in an album. If you're losing weight, snap a photo (you can set the app to remind you to update the album weekly, biweekly, monthly).
 It's automatically date stamped and stored chronologically; write your diet/calories/exercise info on the back of the photos; and over a period of time, you have the before, after and in between. Or, if you're into cooking, snap a picture of every step of your recipe. Toss the recipe box! 
The best part about the app--it only cost 99 cents!
Adrianna Hopkins is the App developer-- "Snap It! Track It!" is just her latest business venture. Hopkins is also a News Anchor/Reporter at WSVN-Fox News Miami, Florida.
Have any app ideas? Contact Adrianna to discuss!

To find out more about the app-- just click here!

26 July 2013

A Sweet Summer Gathering- Constance Jones' Birthday Party

What’s better than Chicken and Waffles?!? Morgan’s Restaurant in Midtown Miami has the best All-American Cuisine in South Florida! It was the perfect venue to host my birthday dinner!   
Neki Mohan & Constance Jones
The guest-list at this year’s event included some familiar WPLG Local-10 faces like Meteorologist Scott Padgett, Anchor Neki Mohan and Reporter Terrell Forney. WFOR's Summer Knowles was there, along with NBC6’s Anchor Jawan Strader and Telemundo’s Meteorologist Denise Isaac.  
WSVN’s Anchor/Reporter and APP Developer for Snap it! Track it!  Adrianna Hopkins was also present along with WSVN’s newest reporter Jen Birsam.
Lisa Lee host of School Duel on Becon TV was also there! And we can't forget Johanna Gomez radio personality for the DJ Laz Morning Show!!
Media Family
Special thanks to Touch Doll’s Boutique for providing me with the wonderful graffiti dress and Pink Empress for the amazing necklace! Also special thanks to my dear friend Kenny Lewis for taking these amazing photos!
The women of Touch Dolls. Cynthia (on the left) is the amazing store owner!
Ashley Gabrielle is a fantastic stylist!
Lisa Lee Arneaud & Marcus Arneaud
Vale Soltanik & Fernando Soltanik
Nahashley Marc from Pink Empress
Rochi Llaneza from Hardcore Art

Terrell Forney, Troy Simmons (MY HUBBY) and Russell Motley

Johanna Gomez & Constance Jones
Kenny Lewis & Adrianna Hopkins
Scott Padgett & Constance Jones

Tali Almog & Michael
Constance Jones- Simmons & Hubby Troy Simmons :)
Taylor Laine & Cory

Tracy Anioce from TracysEntertainmentBistro.com along with Jesse Sanchez & Stephanie
Jawan Strader & Yolanda Strader

The Simmon's & The Alonso's

Constance Jones & & Adrianna Hopkins
Jen Birsam & Constance Jones

19 July 2013

Free Photo Session & Free Huggabeans Hats!

If you live in South Florida-- I would like to tell you about an AWESOME deal! Until the end of August, Creativa Photo will offer photo-sessions on location with “no sitting fee” and "no minimum purchase required."

That’s right--- You heard me right!  There’s no catch or hidden stuff in small writing. When it comes time to review your prints-- you only buy what you like! You can also bring your family, or your best friend, or even a group of friends!

If you are interested, please send a message to andie@creativaphoto.com!!

ALSO— Do you want $40 in free hats from HuggabeansCrochet Creations? All you have to do is follow these simple steps!!   
Here's what you need to do:

  1. Just click on this link for Creativa Photo's FB Page

2.Once you LIKE the page—leave a comment below ON THE BLOG--with your contact info! 
A winner will be announced NEXT WEEK!

Andreina Duven Arrojo is the photographer who captures these amazing photos! 
She took these images of me last year!

16 July 2013

Passing for White-- Growing Up Mixed

The Beautiful Mixed--Tiffany Tilmon
It’s the question so many “mixed” people are asked-- “What are you?” Growing up in a military community-- I was always in a melting pot of ethnicities. Most of my schoolmates were "mixed."  A dear friend of mine -- Tiffany Tilmon--agreed to share her story about growing up as a mixed woman- who could pass for white.

1)What is your ethnicity? I am black and white

2) When asked "Hey, what are you?" It is usually because someone already has a "feeling" I am mixed. I usually tell them half black and half white. It is what I consider myself when it comes to race. 

3) Being that I am so pale when considering biracial people, I do feel like at times my skin color can make it difficult to fit in. Particularly when I was growing up. It was well known that I was mixed. Many of the black kids wouldn't hang out with me because I wasn't black enough. The white kids knew I was black, and therefore wouldn't hang with me. Hispanics weren't a group I hung with or tried to, so I have no reference there. I found myself hanging with the half Asian/half white kids. I was comfortable there. As an adult, I find most often it isn't my skin color that depicts whether I fit in or not, it really falls down on my own personality.

Tiffany's Parents
4)Do you feel racism still exists?? As a teacher, I am exposed to learned behaviors in children, that comes from their parents. I believe racism is one of those behaviors. Do I feel like it is as big a problem as it has been, no. Do I feel I could move to Jasper, Texas (where the black boy was drug behind a truck) with my children...no, for fear of what they would do to my kids if they found out they are multiracial, their mother is biracial, or that my father is black. As a white looking woman, people tend to say things that they wouldn't normally if they knew I was black. It is very obvious that racism exists. Many people just try to hide it.
Tiffany & Her Dad
  5)Do you ever "pass" as white?  I pass for white 90% of the time. It is usually someone who is biracial or has a family member with biracial children who recognizes that I am mixed.

When I was younger, I had a need to prove who I was. I would carry a picture of my father around with me in my wallet. I felt that telling people I was black should have gotten me some sort of prize. I was so proud of my family and I wanted everyone to know it. My hair not looking mixed, my skin only looking slightly darker in the summer, my freckles, and not "acting" black made it hard for people to believe me. I remember arguing with kids about being black. It took a long time for me to realize that whether I was believed or not, I was a Tilmon, not a color. Although my color was a part of me, is a part of me, it does not define me.
09 July 2013

Healthy Potluck Ideas

My fellow television broadcaster Jen Herrera is a Cross-Fit Mama. So, when it was time for her birthday potluck at WPLG Local 10 News-- we ONLY did healthy food. Here are some suggestions-- if you are ever looking for a healthy dish for your next office party!

You can never go wrong with veggies!
Pasta Salad-- YUMMY!
Zucchini Rice Casserole from Delish.com!
Seven Layer Salad from Delish.com!

There are TONS of other dishes-- that are easy to make! 
Just click here-- for recipes on delish.com!