19 April 2013

Make Your Own Bow!

  Bows are a great accessory for any outfit!  Making a bow tie for yourself is much better than buying a new one!  There are some fun and easy steps you can follow to make your own amazing bow!  Special thanks to the Fashion Diva Design Blog for these great ideas! 
1.       Find some fabric- The thicker the better! You don’t necessary have to go out and buy material. You can use denim jeans or an old dress!
2.       Cut the fabric into the shape of a rectangle. Normally 6 inches is good. The fabric will be folded over and bunched in the center.
3.       Create the Bow. Fold the fabric halfway.  Sew the three side remaining sides (if you want). Leave a little hole so you can turn the piece inside out—so you will not be able to see the stitches
4.       Make your bow. Find the center of the rectangle and push the top and the bottom of the fabric into a bow-like shape. Sew it down the middle to hold it in place. If you’d like to hide the stitching, sew a small band around the middle.
5.       Extras— You can use a rubber elastic at the back of the bow to secure it. Also a ribbon or button. Let your imagination run wild!
My Hubby rocking the Bow Tie!! Very Cute--right! :)

10 April 2013

Breakfast at Presley's ♥ 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Presley!!!

This is one of the cutest ideas for a birthday party!!  Named after the glamorous movie, the Breakfast at Tiffany’s inspired birthday brunch is a clever theme for a party.  My dear friend wanted to give her daughter a lavish affair and she delivered!

She used silver accents, mixed with powder blues and of course tons of floral!
Other party highlights included—Classic Tiffany’s Gift Wrap Cake, Birthday girl dressed up just like Audrey Hepburn, tons of blue d├ęcor to add to the theme, and adorable bite-sized goodies—perfect for the kids!
Tiffany Gift Wrapped Cake--too cute!
Powder Blue Decor
Paper Lanterns--Perfect Touch!
Perfect Brunch Treats
Bite-Sized Munchies!

Creative Special Touches

06 April 2013

Shop Pink Lemon

Looking for latest fashion trends for women? Check out the Pink Lemon, an online boutique that offers a unique variety of the hippest clothes, accessories and purses! 
Pink Lemon Owner Shayla Jiles has been selling these sensational goodies for months —but she’s now offering her items online to customers worldwide! Jiles has a creative flair for fashion, studying the latest trends to hit the runway. She’s created a collection of items that are trendy and economical.
Make sure you find her today—and tell her the Crafty Reporter sent you! Follow her on instagram and facebook!

Wearing my Pink Lemon Rings!!
Spiked out Mini!

Baddie Beanie

Love You Mint Set

Snake Charmer Double Finger Ring

Silky Houndstooth Leggings