28 April 2014

"God Behind Bars" featured on WPLG Local 10 News Miami

Constance Jones Speaks With Inmates with God Behind Bars
God Behind Bars partners with local churches and organizations to stream live high quality church services from some of America's most premiere churches to prisons all across America. 
Church by the Glades recently connected with the Homestead Correctional Facility to bring the message of God's radical grace, forgiveness and power.
I had the opportunity to feature this unique ministry on WPLG Local 10 News. Please click on the image below to view the story!

How Cool Is This? The Bench Dress


Have you seen the BENCH DRESS? It was created to protect you from the nasty sweat that is often left behind on workout equipment!   According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), close physical contact and equipment sharing contributes to  outbreaks and diseases. YUCKY!. 


Using the bench dress is easy. There's a Velcro strap that holds the "Bench Dress" in place during your workout!

FYI-- because of my role in TV News-- I can not & do not officially endorse this product! Check out the Bench Dress--click here!
23 April 2014

Constance Jones at Hispanicize 2014

Constance Jones with NBC 6's Kelly Blanco & Telemundo's Denise Isaac!
Hispanicize is the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in social media, journalism, advertising, public relations, film, music and innovation! I wanted to attend to learn from the best in the business! 
Constance Jones with PR Guru Aileen Abella and Luly B
 The event took place at the Intercontinental in downtown Miami, April 1-4. The focus was to connect vendors with influential news-makers (IE- Media/Broadcasters/Bloggers). I was surrounded by fellow bloggers--looking to make contact with national brands. 
Bloggers Aileen VanPelt with NewsyParent and Jewel Figueras with JewelsFabLife!
Overall-- I felt the workshops were just "okay!" Nothing amazing or groundbreaking discussed in the sessions. Of course, I did not attend every workshop--t but I felt that Hispanicize was more about networking--rather than learning tools to expand your social media presence.
Breaking it Down in the Target Booth!
Would I go again??? Heck yeah! I made some AMAZING contacts!! Do you have any suggestions for other social media events? 
12 April 2014

Constance Jones Host "Toes in the Sand" 2014

Constance Jones host "Toes in the Sand 2014"
Tropical Dreams! I had an amazing time hosting the 5th annual  "Toes in the Sand" Shrimp Boil! Ana G Vento and her team with Events by Vento Designs did a fantastic job! It was an honor to partner with Angel's Pediatric Heart House in support of South Florida's cardiac kids. 
Troy Simmons & Constance Jones-- "The Simmons"
Event Organizer- Ana Vento with Events by Vento Designs. 
 The sunset was magical with guests dancing to the beat of Tropical Attractions! Special thanks to DreamFocus Photography for the amazing photos from the event!
 We also enjoined the tasty flavors of the shrimp boil by Robin Scogna of Epicurean Catering with dessert stations by Sweet Servings
  Big thanks goes out to Sonia Perez and the board of directors of Angel's Pediatric Heart House! May you continue raising funds to support for the many children and their families affected by Congenital Heart Defects.
Click here for more info-http://www.aphh.org/

07 April 2014

Alice in Wonderland- Miss P's Birthday Party

My Beautiful God-Daughter!
Looking to throw a wacky wonderland party filled with fun and games? Consider a fabulous Alice in Wonderland Themed Birthday Party! This enchanted event was filled with magical surprises and tons of goodies for everyone.
How amazing is the Shabby Chic Birthday Cake! The Alice in Wonderland themed cake was decorated with Disney Characters from the original  movie!  
No need to go overboard with the snacks!  The menu included grilled hot dogs, mac "n" cheese and sandwiches.  The fruit and custard was placed in little ice cream cones. And you can't forget the "card deck" rice krispie treats! 
Straws complete the look- they are from The Sunshine Vilager! 
How cute are these-- little “drink me” labels on the Kool Aid Coolers!
So happy for my little God Daughter! She's peeeerfect! 
01 April 2014

6 Reasons to Buy Homemade

This weekend, my hubby & I went to the Odd Duck Bazzar Craft Fair in Hollywood, Florida! I am obsessed with all things handmade! Here are some reasons why you should buy handmade goodies!

1. You are supporting local artisans and craftspeople and not large big box stores.

2.  It guarantees that no one will give the same gift as you!

3. You are telling the gift recipient that you cared enough about them-- to buy something unique and special!
Check out this cute raccoon I got for my neice! It's from Luna Soleil Creations!
4. It's always a nice feeling to "go green." Your items are not made in a factory & shipped around the world--using fuel and energy! 
The Best Banana Bread EVER! Troy found some yummy treats from Jen's Just for You!
5. Handmade gifts are the BEST! These gifts are cool, trendy and usually one of a kind! 

6. Warm Fuzzy Feeling-- I remember being strapped for cash-selling my little crochet creations just trying to pay my bills.  Knowing that you helped support someone directly is amazing!

Check out these awesome crafts we found at the Odd Duck Bazaar! 

Hand Painted Vases

Origami Paper Flowers

Comic Book Wallets
Cow Felt Sandals
Someone likes these felt animals!
 "Lucky Duckies" at the Odd Duck Bazaar