25 June 2015

Meeting the Stars of Magic Mike XXL

It was HOT in Miami for more than on reason! I had the tough assignment of interviewing the cast from Magic Mike XXL. The stars from the sequel were in Miami to receive a star on Miami's Walk of Fame.
17 June 2015

Little White Lie

Raised in an upper middle class Jewish home, Lacey Schwartz was always told she was White.  But after her parents divorced, she started to piece together the mystery surrounding her dark skin.  It wasn't until she went to college, when she found out the truth. The Harvard Law School graduate turned filmmaker, shares her remarkable story of finding her identity in her film "Little White Lie."
12 June 2015

Passing for Black?

I've heard of passing for White-- but passing for Black?!? Recently, the parents of Rachel Dolezal claimed she had been deceiving people, passing for a Black Woman.
Ruthanne and Larry Dolezal said they want people to know the truth including that their daughter is White.

Truth About Women in Media

Bad news for women in media.  According to a new study by the Women’s Media Center, the status of women in news and entertainment has shown little progress!  The research also revealed a drop in women working in sports broadcasting, with 7% fewer women in the industry. Nationwide, men still dominate “hard news” coverage including evening newscast and politics. When it comes to management teams, they are overwhelming white and male with 92% white and 84 % male.
03 June 2015

Insight On The World of Broadcasting

 With over 12 years of professional broadcasting experience, I am often asked to give advice and insight on surviving the business.  There are obvious challenges broadcasters face, specifically minorities and women.