31 July 2012

The Crafty Reporter Turns 30

Drinks, Food, and South Beach—The perfect mix for a party!  I recently celebrated my 30th birthday at the Dream Hotel’s HighBar. The unparalleled views of the Atlantic are amazing!  Sam Darbouze with Boujoly Films and Ismael Louis with Good Lifeministry created this great "Save the Date" video for my guest! Check it out by clicking here! It’s an easy-fun way to spread the word about a party!
 Hanging with CNN Correspondent George Howell and his wife Artist/ Designer Khristian Howell.
CBS KMOV News Anchor Andre Hepkins and ABC WPLG 
Local 10 News Reporter Janine Stanwood
CNN Correspondent Rene Marsh and CBS
 WFOR Reporter Kara Kostanich
ABC Local 10 WPLG Anchor Calvin Hughes and 
CBS WFOR Anchor Jawan Strader
 My Artistic Husband Troy Simmons --looking good in pink!

26 July 2012

The Handlebar Club

Only a few men can pull this look off the "Handlebar Mustache." Well, my artistic husband Troy Simmons is always looking for a new way to express his creative self!  Here's a candid shot of hubby--rocking the 'stache and one of my crochet beanies from Huggabeans Crochet Creations!
After a few weeks of growing his hair, it was finally long enough to curl.  To create the perfect look- it takes some patience. The delicate process takes Troy sometimes 15 minutes to achieve. You have to “train the hair” to grow out sideways in order to achieve the more traditional shape. A little bit of mustache wax also keeps the hair in place.
I’m hoping his stache doesn’t grow like this!
 Or this!!!
What's your favorite mustache style? 

19 July 2012

Beach Craft Fun

With these warm summer temperatures, many of us are heading to the beach to cool off. This is the ultimate beach craft for your kids! I found this wonderful crafting idea on BeautyandBedlam.com!  All you need is Plaster of Paris to make these fun imprints with your kids.

1.       Have your child press his/her hand or feet into damp sand, making a 2-inch-deep impression.
 2.Put treasures pretty side down (shells, rocks, pretty rock glass) in your impression. Make sure you don’t push them too hard into the sand.
       3.Mix the Plaster of Paris. Make sure it is nice and thick and creamy.
4.Carefully pour the plaster into the inlay of the print.

4. Let the plaster set until it’s hard – approximately one hour. To remove the print, carefully dig out the sand from around/underneath the plaster.

16 July 2012

Bella Beau Peep-- Couture for Babies & Girls

Inspiration found in delicate vintage styles, BellaBeauPeep is the only place to go for all things glam-tastic for babies. Designer Shayla Jiles clearly has a love for feathers, flowers and lace inspired creations, themes echoed in her collection!  
 She strives to create luxurious and timeless accessories that have the ability to transcend baby fashion!
For more on BellaBeauPeep “LIKE” her Facebook page by clicking here! Next week, Huggabeans Crochet Creation will be giving out $50 in store credit for one lucky BellaBeauPeep Fan! To qualify—LIKE the page today!

13 July 2012

Design is Human- ATL Modern Show

My husband is OBSESSED with Modern Home Design. You should see our house--extremely minimalist, with modern fixtures in every corner!
Well, naturally when he learned there was a Modern Home Tour in Atlanta-we had to go!
Last month, we took the trip to the A-T-L to see the amazing array of contemporary design. 
Wow, just take a look at these great items we found at the showcase show—truly unique conversion projects! For more information about the Modern Atlanta Show just click here!

04 July 2012

The Brooklyn Flea

Last weekend, my hubby and I spent some time in the Big Apple!  Of course, I had to stop by the Brooklyn Flea-- one of the BIGGEST Craft/Vintage Show in the country.  There were vendors with fun antique and re-purposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques. The selection of handmade jewelry, art, and crafts was amazing. This weekly event is at Williamsburg waterfront—just south of East River State Park. If your summer travels take you to NYC—be sure to stop by the Brooklyn Flea. You will NOT be disappointed!

Neon Fabric Bracelets
Looking for goodies!
Little Devil-- Too cute for babies!
So much junk--so little time! LOL!
 Handmade Baby Clothes! LOVE IT!:)