30 May 2012

Diversity Jellybeans

A few years ago, my friend Tracy Jackson Brown started an exciting company called--I Celebrate Diversity. The group is focused on bringing people together- from different cultural backgrounds.
Part of her project includes these cute little candies called-- Diversity Jelly Beans. Any of the 6 colors can be any flavor. It’s a big message in a small package. “Like people, you cannot determine what is on the inside by simply looking out the outside.”
 Click here for more details on her cool campaign!

27 May 2012

Cute Cute Cute Babies!!

I love these pictures! As many of you know, I sell photography props, newborn hats, baby beanies online at www.Huggabeans.com. But I also help other vendors sell their items on www.TradeProps.com! Here are some of the cutest creations on the website! 
 Little headband is only $9.95!
 Newborn Tutu for just $14!

Sweet Newborn Flower Band-- Only $5.95
Cute little beanie $18!
 $30 for the newborn mermaid! :)

What's your favorite prop?

23 May 2012

Get Ready to Shape Up!

From Mama Talks

It's swimsuit season, and I'm not happy about my midsection - so I dragged my Jemimah Health Hoop out of storage.  I like the hoop because it's fun and easy to use.  It makes me feel like I"m doing a heavy workout (which I'm really not).  When my daughter Stacie came to visit she wanted to get in on the action, too - -  I believe the picture speaks for itself. 
The Jemimah is a hula hoop with 96 built-in magnets covered by air-cushioning projections/knobs.  While you exercise, they stimulate abdominal acupuncture points and also create a massaging effect.  The abdominal area is being toned, slimmed and strengthened.  Supposedly, it also has a stimulating effect on blood circulation and the intestinal metabolism.
A word of caution:  This hoop is designed for ADULTS.  The first few times you are exercising with it, you might experience mild discomfort and bruising (yes, I turned black and blue).  This will not last, though.
The hoop weighs about 3 1/2 lbs. and is about 40" in diameter.  It is made of plastic and can easily be assembled or broken down for storage.  I bought mine at a local Asian supermarket, they are also available online.  Well, gotta go and exercise some more ...  Let us know what you do to get in shape!

21 May 2012

Crafting at the Mall

Look what I found at a South Florida Mall—a crafty display! Hundreds of bright colored pieces of paper glued together to form a tree. 

The store display is at Joe’s Jeans in the Aventura Mall. They just opened up a few weeks ago.  The crafty display is a copy of this artistic shot--you can see it’s actually a skull vomiting the vibrant paper.

Joe’s Jeans opened boutiques in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and now MIAMI!  They sell premium denim, shoes, and accessories! Big thumbs up to them for their artistic/crafty work!  Love it! 

18 May 2012

Whimsical Dr. Seuss Birthday Party!

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish! Dr. Seuss Themed Birthday Parties are so much fun! This week--my handsome godson Mason turned 3! His parents threw a wonderful whimsical party with Seuss-worthy ideas.

Nothing beats a cold drink on a hot day! These little water covers are a great way to continue the theme throughout the party.
 Kool-Aid Jammers, Water and Straws—so cute!
 Colorful Cupcakes add to the fun!  Along with a clever feather display! Love this! 
 Keep it simple—what kid doesn’t love hot dogs and burgers! 
Here’s the Birthday Boy! I think he had tons of fun!  

16 May 2012

Shave The Stache

Image From SpencerArt
Written by Talitha Haynes, Guest Blogger
I am 35, single and looking for a man. There is only one problem-- my mustache. For years, my mustache has been a nightmare for me. When I was 25 years old, I decided I had enough of the unwanted hair. So, I walked into a spa and had it waxed off. Of course it was a change for me. I looked like I just got out of jail. You know that clean shaved look.
 Since I was a child-- I have dealing with unwanted facial hair. Nairing, plucking, threading and waxing became a part of my daily routine. Threading--left me bleeding. Waxing-- left me with bumps! 
   I finally decided to try laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is supposed to be a permit removal of hair. I do six treatments, once a month with a cost of $130. It doesn't hurt, just feels like little pinches. We will have to wait to see if this works!

Do you have any hair removal remedies?
15 May 2012

Honey Shine after 10 Years!

Happiness, love, and good fortune, was at the heart of the themed 10th Annual “Hats Off” Luncheon held last week in Miami to benefit the Honey Shine Mentoring Program, founded by Tracy Wilson Mourning, wife of NBA Champion Alonzo Mourning.

For the past decade, Honey Shine has mentored hundreds of girls in the community, 15 of which have successfully graduated and gone on to higher education with funds raised through Hats Off. 
 My dear friend and Co-Worker Neki Mohan hosted the wonderful event!
 The Annual “Hats Off” Luncheon and membership program, by both individuals and corporations, continues to be one of the primary funding sources by which more than 180 girls enrolled in the Honey Shine Mentoring Program.Additional funding for Camp Honey Shine is still needed. $50 can sponsor a day of camp for one Honey Bugs or $250 for a week of camp. For additional programming information or to make a donation, visit www.HONEYSHINE.org.

13 May 2012

My Precious Mother

24 years ago- My Mother and I

My Precious Mother
Mom You've given me so much,
Love from your heart
and the warmth of your touch.
The gift of life and you're a friend to me.
We have a very Special Bond
which only comes from God...
I'm sure you agree.
As a child I would say Mommy I Love You,
Now you're my Mother so dear
I love you even more
with each and every new year.
If I could had chosen,
I would have picked no other.
Than for you...to be my lifelong friend
and Precious Mother.
Author Unknown 

07 May 2012

Maternity Wraps for Mama’s Belly

Check out my newest creation from Huggabeans!  It’s a hand crocheted photo prop for pregnancy photography sessions!  My bestie—Shayla Jiles inspired me to create the wrap for her special belly photos! 
This is also great to use for mother and then later for baby-as a blanket or hammock prop!

These wonderful images were captured by Angela Jones with Lydia’s Vizions Photography!
04 May 2012

Covering the “Handmade Movement”

What an awesome assignment!
Last weekend—I got a chance to cover the Indie Craft Bazaar- “Spring Fling 2012” for WPLG- Local 10 News.  It’s all a part of a of a new section on the station website called “Crafty Constance.”
Today’s crafters are no longer crocheting your grandmother’s doilies. Instead, they are a part of a growing group of artists using crafts to express themselves!  South Florida has a wonderful community of “do-it- yourselfers”—who are embracing this handmade movement.
Here are some pictures from the great event! See the complete slide show by clicking here!
Expect my full story in a few weeks-on Local 10 News! 

03 May 2012

Elephant on My Mind

From Mama Talks 
When I was a little girl I loved to visit my Oma (grandmother in German). Her carefully placed accent pieces found a new use as my toys. My favorites were two small, hand-carved ebony elephants. They were just the right size for my small hands, and they had inlaid eyes and tiny ivory tusks. One of them was missing a tusk, but it still was perfect in my eyes. I had these elephants walk all over Oma’s furniture – pretending I was accompanying them on exciting adventures -- climbing steep mountains (the backrests of sofa and armchairs), or crossing the savannah (Oma’s parlor) in search of food. They often came to rest at the edge of the jungle, feeding on the leaves of Oma’s plants. 
As I grew older, I had it settled in my mind that after Grandmother’s passing, I would inherit those elephants as a treasured memento of my beloved Oma and my childhood. Unfortunately Oma developed Alzheimer’s dementia during her final years, and nobody knows what happened to the elephants. I felt really silly that even years later, I would still think about those elephants and how much it would have meant to me to have them. 

Well, I did go on some exciting adventures though – climbed a few mountains and also crossed some savannahs in the American Southwest! One day, when browsing a small antique store in Central Texas, my heart skipped a beat -- there it was: a small carved ebony elephant. When I picked it up, I noticed that one of its ivory tusks was broken off. To me it was a sign – this was even better than if it had been in perfect shape. Of course I bought it – and now it has a special place on my dresser. It still makes me smile every time I look at it …
Do you have any treasured mementos that occupy a special place in your home?