28 January 2015

Super Easy Springtime Cowl Crochet Pattern

It's the perfect accessory for any season. This organic cotton cowl is easy to make and adds the right pop of color for any outfit-- Winter, Spring or Fall! Check out these super simple crochet instructions!

22 January 2015

Cupcakes and Champagne: Misha’s Cupcakes Pembroke Pines Grand Opening

Cupcakes and Champagne! It's always the perfect time to munch on delectable sweet treats from Misha's Cupcakes! Why not pair them with a glass of bubbly!

21 January 2015

Mogul Mommies & Huggabeans


/'mōgəl mämē/ n.

1. a powerful and influential woman whose power is derived from
experience and skill, not popularity.

15 January 2015

Why I Pledged Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.

It was the most exciting moment of my college career, being “unmasked” at my probate for Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.   For those not familiar with the term “probate”--  it refers to a "coming out" ceremony for those who are secretly pledging a sorority or fraternity.  After years of pursuing membership, I could finally say I was a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha!
13 January 2015

How do you get a job on TV?

How do you get a job in Television?  It’s the question I am asked several times a week! Many people believe the TV life is fun and exciting! One day you’re chatting it up with your favorite celebrities, the next you could be interviewing the Governor!  Plus there is a certain amount of “celebrity” attached to being an on-air talent! But before you pursue a career in broadcasting, I want to be upfront about a few things!  

12 January 2015

Constance Jones

Constance Jones Local 10 WPLG Anchor
Every season, I like to share a few of my on-air styles! Most of my clothes come from Touch Dolls in Miami. I've also added a number of items from The Limited! 
 Well, thanks to modern technology I digitally archive my daily looks! Here are a few of my looks from this Fall!
08 January 2015

Why You Need a Side Hustle?

This is where it all started! That's me selling my Huggabeans Crochet Organic Cotton Hats at my first craft show in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Seven years later, I am still selling my handmade creations! These little beanies paid for my first BMW and a down payment for my condo!