27 March 2012

Bat in the Cave!

Tricks to getting baby's boogers out!
Okay- this is one of the most glamorous jobs mothers have--getting those crusty little guys out of your baby’s nose!  Although I don’t have any children, I do have a little nephew—who doesn’t like anyone messing with his nose!
I didn’t realize how difficult this task would be, until I had to do it myself!   Caleb (who is 2 ½ years old) refused to blow into the tissue—so I had to go in after those crusty guys!

It wasn’t fun… in fact it was the most disgusting thing I have ever done!! But I had no choice! We were just minutes from arriving at a party. He couldn’t be seen with boogers hanging out of his nose.

After some research—I found there are other more useful ways in cleaning out those nostrils.

1. Use a warm damp wash cloth to clean the outside of the nose. Then use the bulb styled Q-tips to finish the job
2. Put two drops of baby saline in the nostril then go in with the “nose sucker”
33. With booger cleaning, it actually helps if baby sheds some tears- because some will drain into the nose. It will soften the boogers--making it easier to remove.

Do you have any tips??

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  1. My bad! Thought this cutie pie was your son. For Princess, there's no easy way to get those suckers out. I squirt saline in her nose and use the suction device. I tried q-tips, but it's way too small. lol