23 May 2012

Get Ready to Shape Up!

From Mama Talks

It's swimsuit season, and I'm not happy about my midsection - so I dragged my Jemimah Health Hoop out of storage.  I like the hoop because it's fun and easy to use.  It makes me feel like I"m doing a heavy workout (which I'm really not).  When my daughter Stacie came to visit she wanted to get in on the action, too - -  I believe the picture speaks for itself. 
The Jemimah is a hula hoop with 96 built-in magnets covered by air-cushioning projections/knobs.  While you exercise, they stimulate abdominal acupuncture points and also create a massaging effect.  The abdominal area is being toned, slimmed and strengthened.  Supposedly, it also has a stimulating effect on blood circulation and the intestinal metabolism.
A word of caution:  This hoop is designed for ADULTS.  The first few times you are exercising with it, you might experience mild discomfort and bruising (yes, I turned black and blue).  This will not last, though.
The hoop weighs about 3 1/2 lbs. and is about 40" in diameter.  It is made of plastic and can easily be assembled or broken down for storage.  I bought mine at a local Asian supermarket, they are also available online.  Well, gotta go and exercise some more ...  Let us know what you do to get in shape!

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