04 August 2012

Women in the Media-- Featured on "The Other Side"

Recently, I was featured on The Other Side-- a show dedicated to bringing you the other side of Television, Film and Radio production.  The online series focuses on what does it take to become a filmmaker, a television host, a reporter, or to work behind the cameras.

This month's episode was focused on "Women in the Media."  I was interviewed along with CBS-WFOR News Anchor Shannon Hori.

Special thanks to Director/Editor James Pierre for putting the show together. Along with Maikel Garcia, Yvonne Berga, Tishan St Louis and Alexis.

Watch the full episode by clicking here!

The Other Side offers a great source of information for anyone interested in entering the media business.  Watch other episodes by clicking here.

 Yvonne Berga getting ready to ask me some question. The show was filmed in the Local 10 Studios.

Hanging out with the man behind the show- Director/Editor James Pierre!

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