10 June 2013

Roaring Good Dinosaur Party

 Who says a girl can’t have a dinosaur-themed party?!? My friend and co-worker
Christina Boomer Vasquez hosted a roaring good Dino party for her daughter! The Dino-style fiesta had a cute color palette of pink, turquoise, and orange! 
Check out the party hats on these dinos! 
There was plenty to drink--Dino-Water!!
"Te-Kill-Ya Lemonade"-- Tequila Cocktail for the adults!   
Adorable Dino Cupcakes!
 With matching Forks & Knifes!! SUPER CUTE!!

 The BEST part of the event--this female dinosaur piñata! 
There was also a "Dino Dig" for the kiddos!
 Party Favors made with Dinosaur cut outs- added the perfect touch!
Christina credits the decor to "Happy Everything Events!" 
Owner-Lindy Gallagher created an inspiration board-- to get the ideas flowing!  Once the theme is selected--all the goodies are delivered in a perfect box!

You can contact Lindy by clicking here!  

Looks like the Birthday Girl loved it!:) It was a roaring success! 

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