10 August 2013

Super Mom-- Super Broadcaster

 My dear friend Aubrey Aquino made her NFL Network debut last week on their morning show, “NFL AM,” with a countdown style segment on NFL’s PopCulture Crossovers.

Can you believe that she just gave birth to her second child 3 weeks ago! So-- how does she do it? Aubrey sat down with me-- to share her advice for other working mothers! 

1. How do you balance your love life, your two kids and work? I'm a Libra, so I'm constantly striving to find balance and stay there. That being said, I'm the kind of gal who wants to fit it (life) all in, and everyday I try to figure it out how to make it work. I'd say what works for me is being organized, planning ahead and making time for anything and everything. At times my scales get out of balance, so I just keep working to get things back in place! 
2. What advice would you give to other mothers trying to get back in the work field? My best advice to other Mothers, who may be attempting to get back to work, is to stay focused. When I decided to become a Mother, I knew I'd be putting my career on the back burner, and I'm fine with that because there is no better job than being a Mother...BUT all the while, I have kept networking and looking for opportunities that suit my background, what I want to do and still work with my Mom role. There are times when it feels like you're losing yourself in this "kid" world, but don't lose sight of who you are and what you're capable of. I've been blessed to have unexpected opportunities knock at my door, so I'm letting them in!
Someone wants to play!
 3.What has been the best part of being a mother—the second time around?The best part about being a Mother, the second time around, is knowing that I didn't do so badly the first time and now I get to "fine tune" things! No two babies are the same, but I am more relaxed this go around and also more confident in my parenting skills. It's also great to see my 2 boys in front of me and know they will grow to be best of buds and always have each other.
4. What’s your next project? Honestly, my next "project" is to get back in pre-baby form! After delivering 2 children in 53 weeks, my body needs a break, and I can't wait to slip into my favorite pair of jeans from 2 years ago! So, fitness is at the top of my list, but work-wise, I plan to continue working as a TV Host and Reporter and do more segments as a contributor to television outlets like the NFL Network and The Welcome Channel. 

To find out more about Aubrey—check out her amazing website by clicking here!!

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