21 August 2014

6 Things You Should Know About the Hamptons

Summer in South Hampton 2014
 When I first learned my husband was accepted into two major Summer Art Shows in the Hamptons, I flipped! Not only did this signify an amazing step forward in his career, but for me (The Artist Wife), it meant a posh coastal getaway!  
Me & The Hubby-- #HappyInTheHamptons
 The location was definitely foreign to me! Outside of what I’ve learned from Sex in the City and Gossip Girl, I was truly clueless to the “Hamptons Summer Lifestyle.” I goggled and researched travel blogs to no avail. After spending two weeks in the Hamptons, I felt the need to put together my own list of things YOU MUST KNOW about the “Hamptons Summer Lifestyle!”
Sex and the City - Hamptons Scenes

 1.      Book Early-   You will not find big-name chain hotels in the Hamptons. There are a few bed and breakfast locations and rooms for rent.  If you have enough cash- you can book a house. Since there are limited places to stay, rooms fill up fast. So be sure to plan your vacation early. There are dozens of travel websites that offer great suggestions.   

We stayed at the Southampton Village Motel-- which was far from a motel as we know it! There are free bikes available for you to ride into town or to the beach.  It was a cozy beautiful hotel, but the average weekend stay can cost over $560 per night—so be prepared (and save your pennies)! 
2.      Dress Code-  This “Texas-turned-Miami Girl” was definitely overdressed for several events!  The Hamptons Summer Lifestyle is completely fun “Country Chic!” So pack the shorts, tanks, sundresses and flip flops. 

3.      Where’s the money?  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, BUT not everyone in the Hamptons is rich. Upon my rough survey of the residents, I would say over 30% of the people who vacation in the Hamptons are just regular, hard-working people wanting some vacation fun. (or maybe just trying to make some connects)  However, during our time there, we met members of the Kellogg Family (Net Worth $3.5 Billion)! They have several homes in the Hamptons. 
My New Hashtag- #ArtistWifeLife--This was taken at Art South Hamptons Art Fair
4.     Where’s the party?  There are no clubs in the Hamptons and there are only a handful of pubs!  When it comes to nightlife in the Hamptons, you have to be invited to a house party. These parties range from fraternity-style college parties—to P. Diddy’s All White Party.  During my stay, we went to a few house parties. Nice, simple, and yes of course-FUN!
Strawberry Cucumber Cocktail-- Hamptons Style
5.      Late Night Munchies? - The Hamptons are known for being a community of small villages—with most businesses closing early at night! There are just a few places that stay open late. And when I say a few- I mean like 3.  After a long day at the Art Shows, we wanted to order pizza. Well—that’s not an option. No pizza delivery. We did find a great Chinese place open till late (11pm) It’s located right on Hamptons Road. It was our saving grace on a few nights!

Beach Life- SELFIE!
6.      Parking at the Beach—For RESIDENTS ONLY- The Hamptons truly prides themselves in being an exclusive community. That means, if you want to enjoy the beautiful white sandy beaches, you have to have a “Residents Only Parking Pass.” The good news-- the Hamptons are so small—it’s easy enough to just ride your bike or walk.

Have you traveled to the Hamptons? If so—what tips could you offer for travelers?

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