24 October 2014

Barbie Puts the "B" in BOSS!

I love getting a glimpse into the lives of my favorite fashionista, that's why I started following Barbie on Instagram! But what really makes Barbie fabulous is her new job! She now works at LinkedIn—a business-oriented social networking service. Barbie just joined the social media site a few weeks ago, and she already has thousands of followers!  

After reading this article from Hootsuite- there are several lessons we can ALL learn from Barbie!

1.   Work Your Brand—We know Barbie loves fashion-- but she isn’t afraid to share her accomplishments. She uses social media to share her experiences on the job! It creates great brand identity! If you check out our LinkedIn Accounts you will see her impressive resume!  

2.   Social Media Pro- She’s on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & Instagram! She even has her own hashtag-- #unapologetic! Love it! I tried to come up with a few of my own-- #TrafficQueen
 3.  Sharing is Caring- Barbie is not just STUCK ON HERSELF! If you check out her social media profiles- she’s constantly giving shout-outs to other companies-and building new relationships!

What other tips do you think Barbie has for us?

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