03 November 2014

Raising Funds For Alzheimer's

Local 10's Constance Jones with Susan Wise from Easy 93.1

That's me, with the big smile on my face at the 2014 Broward Walk To End Alzheimer's. Although I look happy, I was trying my hardest to hold back the tears. Susan Wise from Easy 93.1 shared her emotional story about her mother living with Alzheimer's.  She spoke about her daily heartbreak, watching her mother's decline because of this horrible disease.


Susan with her Mother

Even when all seemed hopeless, something amazing happened! Susan said her mother had lost her ability to speak. But miraculously, one day her mother started singing the song-- "Que Sera, Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be!"  Tears flooded her face, as she listened to her mother's voice!  It was a sweet reminder that her mom was still there!

Grandma, Mom & Me

For me, sharing my grandmother's story is not easy. She passed away 2 years ago and battled dementia for a while.  Her disruptive behavior made her a danger to herself and the staff at the Nursing Home.  When she was finally gone, the grief was unbearable.  That's part of the reason why I still have a problem sharing her story publicly. But, she's the reason why I decided to work with the Alzheimer's Association.

Constance Jones Local 10, Susan Wise Easy 93.1

 This weekend, I had the opportunity to host the 2014 Broward Walk To End Alzheimer's and raise funds for the Alzheimer's Association! Over 1,400 walkers came out to Hollywood North Park for this amazing event.

  Receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer's or taking care of someone with the disease is not easy. But there's something magical that happens when we all get together for the same purpose. This weekend was truly a time of healing for me. Sharing my story brought me some comfort- knowing that I was not alone.

Every dollar makes a difference! Donations can still be made towards the Hollywood Walk at www.alz.org/walk.

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