25 February 2015

Miami's Top Clubs!

MONEY MONEY MONEY! It's no surprise that the highest grossing clubs are in South Florida. Nightclub & Bar Media Group released its annual review of the top money making clubs!  LIV and STORY Nightclub make millions in revenue every year.

According to the report, LIV reported $40-45 million in revenue IN 2014. The nightspot has over 18,000 square feet of striking design and lavish decor. It's located in the historical
Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.  VIPs & Miami's socialites flock to the club, for the chic atmosphere.  
 STORY made the top 10, with $25-30 million in revenue in 2014.  It's a unique destination for those that concert style lighting. It's stylish in design with five full service bars. Many would describe the venue as an extravagant circus style setting. 
Other tops spots include Mango's Tropical Cafe, Club Space and Dream Nightclub
Do you have suggestions one places to hang out???

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