17 June 2015

Little White Lie

Raised in an upper middle class Jewish home, Lacey Schwartz was always told she was White.  But after her parents divorced, she started to piece together the mystery surrounding her dark skin.  It wasn't until she went to college, when she found out the truth. The Harvard Law School graduate turned filmmaker, shares her remarkable story of finding her identity in her film "Little White Lie."

Lacey at her Bat Mitzvah
In the documentary, Schwartz says she was raised like any good Jewish girl. She was always told that her darker skin had long been attributed to a Sicilian grandfather.
She believed what her parents told her, until she went to college. The Black Student Alliance at Georgetown University sent her a welcome letter based on a photograph.
The discovery of her deep family secret serves as the foundation for this amazing narrative. The film is now streaming on Netflix. Please be sure to check it out!


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