18 September 2015

Natural hair ... or nah?

The natural hair debate continues! For decades, curly haired women have consistently been told that straightening hair is a good move for their careers. I’ve been told that my curly hair can look unkempt or unprofessional. Recently, a North Carolina News Anchor took to social media to chat about the great hair debate.

Angela Green from WNCT posted a video on her Facebook Page. She asked viewers for professional advice for one of her interns-- Should she wear her hair natural or wear it straight?  Just days after it was posted, it racked up over 800,000 views!  Click here to watch the video. What's your opinion on women with curly hair on TV?
 As for me, I love my curly hair-- but with this South Florida humidity it only takes two minutes for my curls to frizz up. So, I only let my curls out on the weekend.


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