04 April 2016

Hamburger Helper Mixtape-Brilliant Marketing

Hamburger @Helper Just Dropped A Mixtape And It's On Fire!
It looks like the hottest rapper on the scene right now, is Hamburger Helper's mascot Lefty. The company released a new 5-song mixed tape on April Fool's Day called Watch the Stove.

Shockingly, the songs are good. Seriously! The album's content is all a part of an April Fool's Day prank, with songs like "Food for you Soul: and "In Love with the Glove!"  Social media went crazy for the mixtape with over half a million plays just on Friday night!
Some of the lines include-- “Boy I got too many flavors, you mighta thought it was catered,” and  “I was whipping up a bowl/ I just came back from the store!" 
When asked about the non-traditional ad campaign,  General Mills’ Liana Miller told Bloomberg, “We always think of the mom crowd. But on Twitter, our following is a young, urban, millennial guy making Hamburger Helper in his dorm room.”
What do you think about the mixtape? Smart marketing or just silly? Click here to listen to all 5 tracks!

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