13 April 2012

Creating a Winning Name for your Business

Creating a winning name for your business is one of the most important steps in branding a company!  It took me weeks to come up with the prefect name for my crochet baby beanie company- Huggabeans! Here’s a link to a past post—on how I did it!

1.      Make It Memorable—You need something that your customers will remember. Also make sure it is easy to spell! If someone is searching for the company online-you don’t’ want to get it confused with another brand!
2.      Make sure the Name is Positive- When you say Huggabeans—you automatically think of “hugging.” I also think of cute stuffed animals!  Pick a name, make sure it makes you feel good! You want people to have a positive impression of your company!
3.      Simplicity is the Key- A good business name doesn’t have to be short-- but it should be something catchy or unique that your customers can easily remember.  Make sure it will fit well on a websites—emails —and business cards!
4.      Test Run- Once you have a few names narrowed down—ask some customers (or friends/family)- to rate the names.  What comes to their minds, or how do they feel when they see the names: Is it negative, positive, interesting, boring off topic?
These are some of my favorite businesses with clever names! What are yours?